Welcome to the Silken Sachet.

Our pyramid-shaped bag holds a full portion of full-leaf teas. Its shape gives the tea room to expand unrestricted for the fullest flavor and aroma.


Black Tea

These are the teas we are most familiar with, the ones we drank in our youth. They have highest caffeine content and are generally stronger in flavor.

Milk or sugar?…that’s your choice.

English Breakfast Tea
Earl Grey Supreme
Peaches & Ginger
Hot Cinnamon Spice


Green Tea

Green tea has origins in China dating back to more than 4,000 years ago, making it the oldest herbal tea known.

Many people are looking to reap the benefits of green tea, while enjoying its unique flavor.

Gunpowder Green
Tropical Green Tea
Organic Green Tea with Ginkgo & Citrus


Herbal Tea

Herbals or tisanes are caffeine-free infusions… Herbal “tea” has a long tradition in Western Culture.

Herbal brews are made from bark, flowers and seeds.

Chamomile Tea
Raspberry Herbal Tea
Peppermint Tea

Iced Teas

Teas to stir the senses ~ brewed from the finest tea leaves, fruits, essences, herbs and spices.

We are not only dedicated to delivering our tea drinkers quality teas and tea products, but also passing on our passion for tea.

Our teas represent a collection of our tea knowledge, designed to enhance your tea drinking experience.

Black Tea
Raspberry Herbal
Green Tea